We recently bought a house in the Broadripple neighborhood in Indianapolis. It is a two-bedroom bungalow built in 1925, located in a charming neighborhood within walking distance of a grocery store, fresh produce market, and several independent restaurants, clubs and shops. We couldn’t ask for more as far as the house itself and the surrounding neighborhood – it’s everything we wanted in a first house. But it took us a while to feel ourselves in our new place.

I am a firm believer in the importance of creative self-expression in the home – to me, the place that I live reflects who I am and what is important to me. Some people might feel like the color of paint on their walls is trivial, but to me it is an outward expression of my personality. Maybe that’s why we had to paint our living room three times in search of the ideal color…

Anyway, a couple of projects that we’ve worked on recently have helped to make our house start to feel more our own. After seeing this picture on
Apartment Therapy (my newest blog obsession) using record album covers, I got the idea to do a similar thing using pictures we had taken.

We chose a bunch of our favorite photos, and Alex used his Photoshop prowess to add effects to make them look like art instead of raw photographs. We then sent them into a canvas printer and had them printed on 12” X 12” squares. Alex had the ingenuous idea of stretching them over triple wall corrugated (thick cardboard for you laymen), and it worked great! It was much easier than stretching over a frame, which we tried earlier with a large canvas we made to hang over our bed. Here is the final result:


For the curious, the photos are:Top row (left to right):
1 A tree in Positano, Italy (on our honeymoon)
2 Gio, my family’s beloved dog
3 A flower in Augustus’s gardens in Capri, Italy
4 The street sign outside of our house
5 A view of the Mediterranean in Ravello, Italy
6 A pagoda in Kyoto, Japan

Middle row (left to right):
7 Alex’s eye
8 Soldiers' and Sailors' monument in downtown Indianapolis
9 Wild flowers in Positano, Italy
10 Busts in Ravello, Italy
11 Temple of Saturn in Rome, Italy
12 A bottle of wine from our trip to Napa Valley in our dining room

Bottom row (left to right):
13 The Golden Pavillion in Kyoto, Japan
14 Me playing our new piano
15 A statue in Pompeii, Italy
16 Torii gate in Miyajima, Japan
17 A flower at a garage sale in Indy
18 My face

We’re excited to go on some more vacations so that we can get some new canvas material (we have room to hang about six more on that wall).

The art and new wall color (our final choice after both neon green and pea green) transformed our living room into a space that is uniquely our own. We love the result! (Click
here for more photos of our living room.)

We’ll blog more about our newest projects as we do them…somehow reading about other people’s home improvement projects offers me no end of entertainment, so hopefully blogging about our own will be somewhat interesting!



Milena said... @ July 8, 2008 at 1:11 AM

I am going to be your first comment! I love your idea and Bernd and I are thinking about how we want to decorate our apartment when we get one, so keep the ideas coming!

Libby said... @ July 8, 2008 at 2:13 PM

I love the blog and your beautiful decorative home! Its so fun that we can keep in touch this way! Thanks for sharing! Libby

Lisa said... @ July 9, 2008 at 4:05 PM

Our blogs should be BFFs.

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