OK, I’ll admit that we did this project a couple weeks ago but my other post was getting too long…
I saw this picture on Flickr and loved the idea:

The lamp in the picture was covered using pages from a book, but one of us had the idea to print out music I’ve played and use that to cover one of our paper lamps. We printed the music on newsprint paper (found at Hobby Lobby), since it is lighter weight than normal paper and is more translucent.

We ended up downloading music from the internet to print on the newsprint, since it was easier than scanning in the same music from books that I own. I had wanted to cover the entire lamp with music I had played that had some sort of sentimental value to me, but as it was midnight on a Monday night and we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted online, we went with about half of music that I knew and half semi-random selections. However, all the music I wanted to feature fit on the visible part of the lamp, so it worked out.

After applying Mod Podge to the music, lamp, scissors, floor, all my fingers and some of my hair, I came up with the following at approximately 2:00 am:

It gives the lamp much more of a warm glow and gives it a little more personality.

If anyone is inspired enough to make a lamp of their own, you can get Japanese lanterns at Target or IKEA for pretty cheap and you can cover them with anything (colored tissue paper, etc). Watch out for the Mod Podge though – it tends to take over you and everything around it.



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