Since I became a home owner two months ago, I have developed an interest in interior design. I never cared too much about it before, but something about owning a space that would be permanent for the next several years made me take more of a stake in its decoration.

This led to countless hours surfing the web for ideas and inspiration. Several of the blogs I came across (Apartment Therapy and Desire to Inspire are my current favorites) introduced me to the genre of design called “Midcentury Modern”. I did a little research and found that there were several cutting edge designers in the 40s and 50s who experimented with furniture as art. I love the concept of functional art that you can interact with on a daily basis.

I’m not sure if that’s why I enjoy Midcentury Modern design, or whether I just love how it looks. One of my first loves was the Eames shell chair.

Shell Chair (by Charles and Ray Eames)

Charles and Ray Eames, a husband and wife team, were apparently icons of the era and designed lots of amazing stuff.

About a month ago, Alex and I went to a great antique warehouse here in Indy and saw a set of Eames shell chairs made by Herman Miller. Alex pointed them out but at the time, I had not yet become obsessed and thus did not even know who Herman Miller was. A couple weeks later I was convinced that I needed a shell chair, but the set had already been sold. That’s ok, because I soon became obsessed with the following chairs:

Tulip Chairs and Tulip Table (Eero Saarinen)

Apparently many people of my parents’ generation grew up with a tulip table and chairs and thus find these ugly and antiquated. However, I grew up in the 1980s and thus find country themes and excessive floral wallpaper to be ugly and antiquated, and tulip chairs and tables to be sleek and modern looking.

La Chaise (Charles and Ray Eames)
Egg Chair (Arne Jacobsen)

Panton Chair (Verner Panton)

Swan Chair (Arne Jacobsen)
And last but not least, my favorite chair of all:

Womb Chair (Eero Saarinen)
We had the pleasure of actually sitting in one of these at – randomly – The Limited at the Mall of America. After trying it out, Alex fell in love, which is perfect since I was already in love. They cost upwards of $6,000 new, and while we were tempted by some knockoffs between $500 to $800 on eBay, we decided that at this point it might be better to leave ourselves something to dream about :)



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