When I have my camera in hand, flowers seem to always have a way of catching my eye. From walks through the streets of our neighborhood, to my inlaws' gorgeous tiered garden, I have been clicking away all summer. It's fun to use the flower-iconed macro setting on the camera for actually taking floral pics. These shots also served as an impetus to get out my camera's user manual and figure out the manual focus (see the sweat bee below). Today I realized that I have 126 of our best flower pictures sitting on Flickr, just waiting to be viewed. Click here to see.
A few of my favorites:
A yellow begonia

A beautiful orange lily

A sweat bee on spiderwort.

A weed outside Positano, last summer



Kristi said... @ August 9, 2008 at 4:01 PM

Nice work Alex - I can tell that you are really having fun. That unnamed flower is a spiderwort. Good idea to make a group of all your flower pictures!

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