Many of you have probably heard our big news (I've learned to be careful saying that when you are married - people tend to assume things), but in an attempt to be semi-timely about documenting the events in our lives...we got a puppy!

Yes, I cannot believe Alex convinced me to get one. I have always loved dogs (see my previous post on our beloved family dog), but I figured the soonest I would actually own one would be around 2025 or so. However, somehow a visit from our friend Lauren's foster Pomeranian put the idea in our heads that it would be fun to have one of our own. After accidentally visiting some Pomeranian puppies at a breeder, we immediately fell in love with a very tiny red Pomeranian puppy that looked more like a fox than a dog. I tried to hold out and be the practical one who said that we didn't need more responsibility in our lives (especially one that you have to commit to for 15 years), but like I said, Alex can be very persuasive. Thus, Luna entered our lives!

Here she is on the day we got her, looking like a puppy calendar pinup...

So far having a dog has been more fun than stressful, actually (despite my earlier apprehension). She is totally hilarious and incredibly smart - she's already learned come, sit, stay, shake and play dead in her 2 weeks of living with us. Somehow she's melded seamlessly into our lives and seems like a natural part of them. I look forward to watching her grow and experiencing the joys (and drawbacks) of dog ownership!
Click here for our Luna photo album


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