It seems that I'm in a rut of only posting about food. But with Thanksgiving a day away, it's timely, right? I will work on some more creative subjects for future posts, but I have to get another food post out of my system!

We've been enjoying soups and stews lately. They seem to be the perfect meal for the colder months - easy, relatively quick to make, and delicious! Our friend Meredith has caught the soup bug and has been making some incredible soups for us and our friends, including this escarole and meatball soup and this asian dumpling soup.

We recently tried out this recipe for spicy tomato and black bean soup that I found on a random blog and loved it! I have never had chipotle peppers in adobo sauce before, but I am a new fan!
Oh, I had a breakthrough the other day and created a meal without a recipe (shown at the top of this post). It was a proud moment for me, since a few years ago my extent of making a meal was microwaving a hot pocket (sad, but true). I threw together the following ingredients to make a quick curry:
-1 can chickpeas
-1 can diced tomatoes
-Yellow pepper
-A bit of tomato paste
-Around 2 tsp curry powder
-Red pepper flakes
-Fresh parsley
It was incredibly delicious, and I will definitely be working this into the repertoire more often. It's not a stroke of genius, but it's a big step for me :)
Tonight we'll be preparing to host our first holiday in our new home...more details to come.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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