Today's Geography Lesson
Volcanoes of Nicaragua

Did you know that Nicaragua is home to 19 volcanoes? In a country just a bit larger than Ohio, that is a dominating presence. Our first view of one was on the road to Leon; I made our chauffer bus driver stop for a picture of the beautiful Momotombo (and his friend Momotombito).

Volcanoes remained in the background for the rest of our stay in Nicaragua, and I was able to capture a few photographs on our flight back to the U.S.

A few interesting facts:
  • In 1610, the Momotombo volcano erupted, destroying the capital. It was rebuilt northwest of what is now known as the Ruins of Old León.
  • The Cerro Negro volcano was formed less than 160 years ago (in 1850) and that makes it the youngest volcano of Central America.
  • You are welcome to climb many of the volcanoes, if you are the adventurous type.
That's all.



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