Did I mention that we were going to Nicaragua? We're going on a mission trip with our church through a non-profit called Nicaragua Resource Network. We're pretty excited about it!

And oh yeah - we're leaving on Saturday! We have barely gotten to settle in after our trip to Minnesota. However, in the short time that we've been home, we did manage to reorganize our entire kitchen to fit our new gadgets and dishes (as well as find a place for the new glass bowls above - thanks, sis!).

How dorky are you when you get intense pleasure out of organizing and alphabetizing your spices? Feel free to post a comment to let us know, but I feel supremely excited about this new and ergonomic way to access my favorite flavas.

Thanks to my parents, we are now proud owners of a full set of white dishes to provide a suitable canvas for our food artistry (chipped stoneware just did not do the trick).

Their maiden voyage was this wonderful meal we made today for Alex's dad and stepmom for our Christmas celebration. This seared tuna with ponzu sauce recipe was incredibly tasty, super easy, and very quick to put together.

I think I could make this every night and not get tired of it! We also served stir fried veggies:

and five spice roasted pears with sesame seeds, which we made previously and loved. It was a healthy and stress-free meal that I'm looking forward to making again.

We're looking forward to serving in Nicaragua...and unfortunately the fishing village that we'll be visiting happens to be on the Pacific coast :)

Hope you had a good New Year's - here's to a great 2009!


Kirk said... @ January 15, 2009 at 12:53 PM

That tuna looks so good...hungry now

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