Perhaps like Erin, you've wondered whether we are still alive...we are indeed, and have no real excuse for not posting for several months.
Where to begin? A change for us since our last post is that we've been inspired to drastically limit our consumption of meat and processed foods. We were already tending that way anyway, but after reading the book Food Matters by Mark Bittman, we were challenged by the fact that the America's ever increasing demand for meat is not projected to be sustainable, and that eating meat consumes more of the Earth's resources and has a higher carbon footprint than eating plant material. We also learned a lot about our country's food and agriculture industry, and all that goes into processed food (and were further inspired by King Corn, a great documentary on the way our country produces food and eats).
It's been a blast to transform our cooking to be meatless - we've found it easy, natural and creative! In the process, we've learned a lot more about nutitrion, what is needed in a diet, and what nutrients different foods contain. And we have lots of ammo for the dreaded question that I'm now sure every vegetarian gets - just how are you going to get enough protein?! (I've been surprised to see how easy it is to get the recommended amount just through grains, veggies, and dairy.) Anyway, it's a constant learning experience and we're enjoying it a lot!
On the culinary front, cutting out processed foods has inspired us to make a lot of our own food lately, like bread, pasta, gnocchi, and tortillas. We've found it fairly easy and pretty enjoyable...not to mention addicting!

We've been a little lazy about taking photos of our meals as of late...but we manage to photograph a lovely Spanish-themed meal we had with Lynne and Kirk! The highlight of the meal was the paella, which I've been dying to try to make since I fell in love with it when I lived in Spain.

This meal succeeded mainly due to the help of one of our newest inspirational chefs, José Andrés, (whose show Made in Spain had been occupying much of our free time). In addition to the paella, we had marinated olives, pan con tomate, this blood orange and goat cheese salad,

and apples soaked in red wine for dessert (one of my favorite desserts yet!).

Lynne and Kirk returned the favor with cooking us this amazing vegetarian feast.

The coming of spring has motivated us to start a lawn improvement project to destroy the deceptively nice-looking weeds shown above (and the evil chives that have invaded our entire backyard), as well as an overly ambitious vegetable garden -- I'll let Alex fill you in on the details :)

I hope the spring finds you well!



Kirk said... @ April 3, 2009 at 11:57 PM

Yay, you're back in action! :)

Leah said... @ April 10, 2009 at 10:25 PM

I saw King Corn too!!!

Leah said... @ April 10, 2009 at 10:26 PM

Also: last night I hosted a "Jews of the Spanish-speaking world" seder. We had Caribbean kugel, Mexican chicken, and Sephardic delights from my own family traditions. And everyone brought wines from South America. Ole!

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