The print publishing industry is hurting, and shifting blame to the big, bad, (don't be) evil Google. Meanwhile, Google just keeps doing what it does best, making information available. My most recent discovery is the magazine archives hidden within Google Book Search. While looking up a random topic, I found full-view magazines among the results. Due to the fact that I love magazines, I immediately tried finding a list of all of the magazines archived by Google, yet no such list was found.

Therefore, I have spent the last couple of weeks attempting to locate as many of the magazines as possible. You can find the complete list here. I truly believe that there is a magazine for every person out there, below you'll find a few articles that caught my eye...

I believe I first came across the magazine archive while looking for Pad Thai recipes. Three decades of Vegetarian Times has tons of recipes and other great information for our veggie-based diet.
Or, if we're not feeling like cooking, we can always check Indianapolis Monthly for its ubiquitous restaurant guide.
I was able to find an article in Organic Gardening that showed me how to pack the most tomato plants in the smallest area possible. Useful for my first summer of gardening.
The Baseball Digest archive goes back to the forties. Interesting fact: a quick search showed me that the first mention in the magazine of steroids came in a 1987 article on the proliferation of home runs, but was mistakenly referring to juiced-up bats.
And finally, with the archive of the Weekly World News, we all can authenticate ridiculous stories past. Like this crazy 2005 story about the coming depression: "housing market collapses, automakers go belly-up, and banks fail..." only Poodle Boy would believe that crap!

Mom, why do you refer to Weekly World News...as "the paper"?
The paper contains facts.
This paper contains facts.
And this paper has the eighth-highest circulation in the whole wide world.
Plenty of facts. "Pregnant Man Gives Birth."
That's a fact.


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