1. We try to consume a local, environmentally conscious, and vegetarian diet.
  2. We have lived in our home for over a year.
  3. We are overly ambitious in most of our projects.
  4. We started a garden.
So, we decided that we needed a garden this year. Starting in March we accumulated seeds and library books and left them to collect dust on our counter for over a month. Meanwhile, we touted the plans for the bountiful summer garden of our dreams.

Gardening it seems, from all of the advice that I so carefully ignored, is a frustrating game of planning, lucky timing, weather, more planning. Turns out though, you can simply put seeds in the ground, and watch (some of them) grow into food. Real food, like the kind from the stores. It is really quite amazing.

We’ve planted a formal (planned) garden. We planted herbs in pots around the patio. We planted flowers in every which corner of our property. And, we planted a mysterious mix of vegetables, fruits, flowers and weeds behind the garage.
Over the last 5 weeks we’ve faced the normal obstacles: too little rain, too much rain, laziness, hailstorms, and grave-robbing critters. Today, however, we harvested our first crop. Radishes. Six of them. A little on the spicy side, but full of earthy deliciousness.

I’m confident that there will be more successes than failures as the summer rolls on. I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Until then, don’t let the man tell you that you can’t grow food. You can, and it tastes good!
Bon app├ętit.
~ Alex


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