Or maybe, more like $4.99 Foot High, as in a wine bottle. René Barbier’s Mediterranean Red retails for less than a sub sandwich. We discovered this cheap wine several years ago and have just recently come back to it.
It’s a Spanish blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Monastrell.  Despite my lack of any training in the subject, I’m going to say the the Mediterranean Red is a extremely high-value wine that is good for any day and any food pairing. It’s always good to have a few bottles around for when you just need something pleasant to drink.
Using Chuck the Gastro Gnome’s rating system, I rate it a solid 3.25. I also recommend enjoying it with some freshly baked bread!                                ~ Alex

In Indianapolis, we’ve found the Mediterranean Red at Kahn’s, Marsh, and World Market stores.


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