I’ve been intrigued by the Exotic Feline Rescue Center ever since I heard about its existence several years ago. The center is a safe haven for abused and unwanted big cats, including lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, bobcats, and ocelots.
We jumped at the chance to see these beautiful animals, and were not disappointed by our visit. It was amazing to be so close to them, separated only by a chain-link fence.

All of the cats at the center were bred in captivity and raised by humans as pets or for entertainment purposes, but were later mistreated or abandoned. (I had no idea that it was even legal to have a tiger as a pet!) It was wonderful to see how well the cats were taken care of.
I was surprised at the relationship many of the cats had with their keepers, sometimes seeming as docile as domestic cats.

(Note: The image above is of a trained professional, so don’t try this at home!  We were strictly advised to stay several feet from the cages at all times.)
We had a wonderful tour guide, who was as knowledgeable about the cats as he was passionate.
Our visit was totally worth the hour-plus drive into the Indiana countryside (the meandering backroad trek was reminiscent our trip to Bonge’s ). For more information the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, click here.


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