When my friend Laura offhandedly mentioned that she was baking a cake for the bachelorette party we were hosting a few weeks ago, I wasn’t surprised. Laura has been known to show up with some pretty amazing desserts, especially cakes and cupcakes. However, I was not prepared for this – a miniature replica of the bride Emily’s dress, constructed completely with Rice Krispies and fondant icing.

According to Laura, it was “not that hard, really”. What??! I was totally blown away by this architectural masterpiece.

I guess someone called the “Cake Boss” did something similar on his cooking show, which is where she got the idea. (I wouldn’t know, since it is broadcast on the elusive cable channels…)
Apparently the replica was so exact that the groom’s parents wouldn’t let him see the cake before the wedding day.
                                      Actual dress                                                                   Edible version  
Pretty good, huh?
We were honored to be involved with Ryan and Emily’s wedding festivities, including the bachelorette party (pics here) and the wedding (pics here).
Congratulations, Ryan and Emily!


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