So you might understand some of my disappointment in our gardening attempts if you saw what I grew up with.

No, this is not a formal botanical garden. It’s my parents backyard. In Minnesota nonetheless.
It’s taken our own humble attempt at landscaping for me to realize that this is just not ordinary. I mean, my parents make it seem effortless, so I guess I thought yards naturally looked like this.

I’ve come to realize that a more realistic view of “natural” is this (disregard our neighbor’s well groomed yard in the background):

(This picture is deceptive in that it makes it seem like I actually weed…lucky for me, the only 1.5 minutes I’ve ever spent doing so made it on camera.)
We made the annual summer trip to Minnesota a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed the traditional time enjoying the Kuhnau garden. It actually seemed reminiscent of previous trips…
               Admiring the Garden 2008                                                    Admiring the Garden 2009
However, astute observers will note one key difference in 2009 – the small white dog has been replaced by an even smaller red dog. It was actually a little eerie to see Luna frolicking in my parents garden just like her uncle Gio had one year earlier.
Maybe someday I’ll be inspired to botanically overachieve. For now, I’m ok to make the 10 hour trek north to enjoy a good one. Plus, it gives me an excuse to spend time with my family and friends :)


Erin said... @ August 19, 2009 at 6:06 PM

Whoa, when I go to your blog (not in reader) it says "Upgrade to Pro Today!" all over the place!

Kevin said... @ August 20, 2009 at 10:35 AM

Wow, you are our neighbor! I saw that you linked to my blog. I live around the corner on Guilford. Crazy.

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