Where some people fear that technology is driving us to become solitary and anti-social, I am increasingly impressed by the way that it connects us.
Take our recent trip to Minnesota, for example. While we were in town, we visited my grade school friend Erin and husband Ben. I probably know more about Erin living 600 miles away than I ever did living in the same state, via her blog (by which she announced some new exciting news), flickr page, and the ever-convenient G-chat.

Erin served us this lovely ratatouille over quinoa, using a recipe obtained from the food blog Smitten Kitchen (a previous recommendation from Erin that I now faithfully follow). I especially enjoyed the goat cheese topping.
Another great blog that Erin recommended when I started becoming interested (errr, obsessed) with food was Annie’s Eats, which provided several of the recipes for the wedding celebration Erin hosted that weekend for our high school friend, Diane.

Both these cupcakes and cheesecake bites were really good (especially the blueberry topped ones)! I loved that both recipes were not too sweet.
After following Annie’s blog for the last year or so, I recently discovered that she: 1. Lives in the same city as me 2. Went to my alma mater 3. Lived in the same dorm as I did, at the same time! I was excited to learn of someone so talented in food blogging and photography in my vicinity.
At this lovely event, I also connected with a friend of my high school friends and discovered that I can stalk her beautiful photography and culinary adventures through her blog. Hooray for blog stalking!
I love that technology allows me to both keep up with old friends and make new connections with people with similar interests, whether they live within my community or miles away :)


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