Ahh, summer – where have you gone?
Somehow it’s already August, and another several months have slipped by since my last post. One of these days I will learn the art of blogging proactively. For now, I’ll have to appease my three faithful readers (hello, all!) with another shameless catch-up post.
In no particular order of chronology or importance, here are some things that we’ve been enjoying this summer:
May brought us visitors from the North – my sister (who now lives in Seattle) and my parents, each within a week of each other!  It was so great to see all of them, introduce them to our favorite spots in Indy, and also play tourist in our own city. Photo highlights of the visits can be seen here and here.

Unfortunately for both parties, they missed out on the summer’s greatest craze! After remarking randomly that Broad Ripple needed a good ice cream place, I somehow spoke into existence this paramount of frozen goodness. I don’t even want to tell you how many times I’ve been to Zoe’s Yogurt Village.

This place is totally excellent because:
1. It is frozen yogurt and thus good for you (it only has 140 calories per serving, come on!)
2. It tastes good (contrary to most frozen yogurt…sorry TCBY, you just don’t taste as good as you did in middle school)
3. You pay by the ounce so you can get as much or as little as you want
4. You can heap on anywhere between 1 and 35 topping choices
5. Chocolate chip cookie dough.
We’ve also been using our grill a lot. Yes, you can not eat meat and still use your grill (we weren’t convinced either until we started experimenting!). A few veggies and some olive oil, salt and pepper (the essentials of life, really) can make for a perfect summer meal!  We have done this too many times to count, and it never ceases to satisfy.
These vegetables might cause you to wonder, if you are one of our three readers, how our garden is going. Well, let’s just say that zucchini plants are very tenacious. And sunlight in our yard is not as abundant as we thought. We’ve gotten a few keepers though:

(He doesn’t photograph so well)             (These grew from plants so I’m not sure if they count)
We actually did get a several other zucchinis (or is it “zucchini”?), some yellow squash, and even a cucumber today…and we have a few corn plants growing in the “test lab” behind the garage. So, not bad for the first year! Just not the bounty we were expecting. Watch out for us next year though – we’ll be seasoned pros! (And when I say “we”, I really mean “Alex”…)
We’ve also had fun hosting some summer gatherings, the summeriest of which should have been our 4th of July bash. Unfortunately it rained all day, but we made the best of it and still had the traditional sparkler dance even though it was pouring.

More updates to come!


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