Somehow I twisted BFF Kelly’s arm into taking a summer vacation to Indiana. I know that Indiana isn’t the most desirable of tourist destinations. But does this look like Indiana?
I had heard of Indiana Dunes, but not being an Indiana native, never knew much about it. Actually, many Indiana natives I talked to didn’t know much about it either. Kelly’s visit gave us a good excuse to check it out!
The weather was perfect for a day on the beach. Kelly and I soaked up the rays and enjoyed the luxury of in-person conversation, a nice contrast to the phone calls we’ve had to rely on to sustain our long-distance friendship. The Dunes were great -- the perfect day-trip getaway for a change of pace. I look forward to checking out the other beaches (we just stayed on West Beach) and the surrounding area in the future!
Back in Indy, we did a few touristy activities, like visiting the IMA
and its beautiful grounds.

But mainly, we just enjoyed life together! 

It was so good to have a dose of home here in the faraway land of Indiana, and to pretend for a few days that we lived in the same city.
Now I just have to convince her to move here too :)


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