Last weekend we drove up to farm country to cook with my family. We had been wanting to try Baked and/or Bombe Alaska, and developed a state-themed menu to work around it. We had homemade Hawaiian bread with spinach dip (the bread recipe wasn’t quite right), Indiana Cole Slaw, Minnesota Wild Rice Soup, a Colorado Sky cocktail, and the Bombe Alaska.

Lighting food on fire is almost always fun.

Caution: The fire was lit by a former Green Beret, and we had a volunteer firefighter-in-training on hand. Please use extreme caution when following your pyromaniac dreams.
The dessert was delicious. Plus, a 350 degree oven and several seconds of blue-hot flames couldn’t melt the ice cream. How fun!

And, you can’t leave town without a hearty rendition of My Heart Will Go On………



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