Fortunately my sister is equally or more interested in the art of appreciating food as we are, so she made a fitting food guide for our 4-day weekend.
Seattle has this institution called Happy Hour, where restaurants (many of them independent) offer a few selections on their menu at a fraction of the price for a few hours each day. This allows those who otherwise wouldn’t to sample their cuisine (such as recent college grads).

We took full advantage of Happy Hour, first at Maximilien, a French restaurant with the enticing offer of eight appetizers for $20. At that price, they could definitely slack on a few of the choices, but they were all excellent! 

Not to mention that we munched on our mussels and pommes frites while overlooking a beautiful view of Elliott Bay, to the sound of live French vocals and accordion.

Another venture took us two steps out the door of my sister’s apartment to Txori, a traditional Basque tapas bar. We enjoyed pintxos, various items perched on tiny pieces of bread. The hands down favorite was this deceptively unappetizing-looking item (squid in its own ink), which was prepared perfectly. My two bites were heaven.

We enjoyed the pintxos, though we were a bit disappointed by their diminutive size (apparently they are not designed to be shared like normal tapas). Not to worry, we later filled the empty space in our stomachs, and were inspired to create our own traditional pintxo that was just as delicious.



Erin said... @ September 15, 2009 at 12:22 PM

The intro to this post begs the question: are there people out there who actually don't know what happy hour is? It is a staple in my life.

Maximilien said... @ October 12, 2009 at 9:26 PM

Thanks for the write up! Your photos look really nice!

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