After two (mostly) sunny days in the city, we were ready to experience that cute “outdoorsyness” that inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest are famous for. We told Lisa and Evan that we were up for a semi-vigorous mountain hike, and that’s what we got. We walked 4 miles straight uphill, ascending almost 3400 feet from our sweet rental car.

Lisa is quite enchanted with the pixel-y evergreens gracing the slopes of these mountains. The air was cool, moist, and refreshing; although these old lungs (and calves) could barely get enough of it…

My favorite part of the hike was the bounty of wild blueberries spotting the path. Without these guys to sweeten up my life, I’m not sure I would’ve made it to the summit. We even managed to bring back a bottle full to the city with us.

The view from the top was grand. We stood there for a moment, amidst the quickly moving clouds, taking in the sights of far-away peaks, lakes, and roads. Of course, we only stood there for a moment before devouring a backpack full of bread, cheese, and protein bars…

We were a bit more leisurely on the way back down, enjoying all of the sights that the we had missed during the oxygen deprived ascent.

And finally, the view from behind of our favorite outdoorsy Seattlites, which was all I was able to see during the hike. Those damn kids are just in too good of shape for me!

And Sunday we enjoyed a blueberry cobbler, the recipe from an old church cookbook that magically arrived in the mail…

And if that wasn’t enough pictures for you, see ‘em all here.



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