On our trip to Decatur, my Mom arranged for our group to visit Adams County’s apicultural hotspot: Rekeweg Honey Company. The Rekeweg family was gracious enough to give us a lengthy tour of their facility, and it turns out that bees are absolutely fascinating!
We barraged the experts with questions about everything from pollinating, breeding, buying, selling, stinging, buzzing, queens, drones, pH, royal jelly, honey bears, and more!

We were so enthralled that Kirk and I later consulted the Indianapolis city code to see if we could start our own colony (no). Instead, we settled with purchases of every honey product we could carry… We only have about 3/4 gallon of honey left :)
Many thanks to the Rekeweg’s for sharing their wonderful business and life with us – we loved every moment!

~ Alex
p.s. I think we tried honey comb, honey stix, creamed honey, raw honey, flavored honey, natural honey, honey in a bear, and honey in a jar – but my personal product of choice was the lip balm… I’ve been using it all week!


Leah said... @ October 27, 2009 at 8:13 PM

Yum! This past weekend I had pumpkin-seed bread from Providence's most delicious bakery, Seven Stars, spread with a little butter and honey.

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