There’s nothing like an emergency surgery to teach you about the intricacies of the human anatomy. Unfortunately I now happen to be an expert on the gallbladder.
I’m back in action after an unexpected week in the hospital. What was supposed to be a date to a Swell Season concert ended up in a trip to the emergency room. Little did I know that the pain attacks I had been experiencing for the past couple months were due to my gallbladder making gallstones.
Sadly, the gallbladder and I had to part ways. Which is okay, because apparently he is non-essential anyway.
According to my surgeon, the gallbladder concentrates the bile that comes from the liver and then releases it into the stomach to help digest fat. However, when it is removed (see above), the liver just sends a comparable amount of bile anyway.
So, no need for a replacement – I’m good to go! While I’ll miss him, he was becoming a bit too high maintenance for my taste.
I’m so grateful to everyone at the hospital for their care, as well as friends and family for their support! I’m hoping for at least another six months until I’m forced to refresh my anatomy knowledge again :)


kimi booher said... @ November 18, 2009 at 11:29 PM

i was wondering why the blog had been neglected for so long. wish i would have emailed and asked how you were. glad that's over and hope you're feeling tip-top soon.

love you sonja :)

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