We had a bout of pre-holiday entertaining that didn’t make it onto the blog, thanks to an unplanned cholecystectomy. Writing about a Halloween party post-Thanksgiving seems somewhat sacrilegious, so I’ll leave that one to your imagination (though I will say it was pretty surreal to have a conversation with Bruce Springsteen, Willy Wonka, the Tin Man, and the Travelocity gnome simultaneously.)
I did want to mark the occasion of my first batch of cupcakes, however. Does this make me crafty? (If so, it can join this adventure with mod podge as one of the few times I’ve managed to be somewhat crafty in my adult life.) 

I used several recipes from Annie’s Eats for the baby shower I co-hosted in honor of my sister-in-law and new niece-to-be, including this cupcake recipe. While I’m not a huge cupcake fan myself, I loved this recipe! The cake was perfectly chocolate-y without being too sweet or oily, and the whipped cream frosting was light and delicious. (I left out the Oreos in the frosting and added a candy topping instead.)  I also loved this honey yogurt dip recipe – delicious, easy, and made with all-natural ingredients.
Now that the holidays are here and my health has returned, we’re back in the entertaining spirit and looking forward to the upcoming good times with friends and family!


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