Since my last post about living with CML, I’ve found out I’m in good company – Kareem Abdul Jabbar recently announced that he also has the disease! Sounds like he’s become something of an advocate, and has even started an online support group. The cool thing about my experience with CML is that it’s been so positive, I don’t even feel like I need a support group :)
I had another FISH test a few weeks ago to see how many of my chromosomes still have the translocated  genes that are indicative of CML (basically, the BCR and ABL genes trade places). Sounds like my chromosomes still have the abnormality (so I’m still “FISH positive”), but now only 23% of them, versus 54% in August!  So this is good news.
In another three months, I’ll have an RT-PCR test, which will test for the protein that is made by the translocated genes (the tyrosine kinase fusion protein, to be exact). This will be another good indicator of how the treatment is going. Thanks again, Gleevec!
Thank you to all who have been so kind to ask about my progress!


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