On a winter afternoon in Chicago, I can think of nothing better than spending a few hours in the art museum. Recently visiting for the first time in years, we really enjoyed getting into the art. So many masterpieces to see, to remember, to absorb, to respond to.

Of course, our response was to stare – mouths gaping – and then photograph.

Sometimes, you’ve seen a painting a thousand times: in textbooks, note cards, posters, and t-shirts. But, when you see it in person – you can still be blown away. Such was the case for Picasso’s Old Guitarist and all of the Van Goghs.

Do you ever wish you could go back to the overactive imagination of your childhood? In the basement of the museum, they have the most wonderful collection of 68 miniature rooms all designed in the style of different eras. It was a fun and enchanting way to end our short visit.

In short, the museum is great. If you haven’t been there – go. If you have been there – go back.
I know we will.

~ Alex


Anonymous said... @ January 29, 2010 at 10:51 AM

Next time you need a miniature room fix, don't forget that The Children's Museum has some. They also have benches in front of them covered in carpet so that kids can either stand or kneel and really peer into them. Those were some of my favorite things at that museum.


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