Last weekend, we had a French dinner party to celebrate a certain birthday that falls in February. Each guest brought a French-themed dish to share.

The food was excellent!  It was so much fun to enjoy each other’s company and spend hours savoring the food.

I have requested the recipes from all of our guests, because the food was just that good.

Special thanks go to my husband for running the show, Laura for her crafty menus and placecards, and Kelly C. for manning the camera.

It was a feast Julia herself would be proud of…complete with her favorite cake, the fancy Queen of Sheba. I love my friends :)


If you’re interested, the night’s menu was:

Camembert and walnut pate
Mushroom soup
Leek and mushroom quiche
Salad niçoise
Zucchini rice gratin
Coq au vin
Assorted cheeses
Reine de Saba avec glaçage au chocolat


The Smileys had us for dinner the other night with a theme we’ve been waiting for… Thai. Seeing as how they met in Thailand, and have a passion for its people, culture, and food – we knew it would be coming someday.

Kirk went all out - using up the last of his kaffir lime leaves and making his own curry paste. It was a perfect warm weather meal in a cold weather month

See Lynne’s post for more details on the food!