What are the chances that I would have taken a picture of my backyard in the first week of spring each of the last 3 years? I mean, two years ago we hadn’t yet purchased the house! But, somehow I managed to do so.
I ran across these pics the other day, and must say, I pretty impressed with the progress. Changing a landscape may take time, but it can be done!

It may not be a luscious David K. lawn, but at least I’m making progress… 10 points to the first commenter to note 8 improvements aside from the grass!



Lin said... @ March 26, 2010 at 4:25 PM

8 items are really difficult. I feel like I am in a dr's waiting room, but here goes:

1. fire pit construction
2. composter by garage
3. various green growing plants gone from this side of garage
4. trimmed plum tree
5. small fencing to keep Luna from escaping
6. low branches on big tree missing
7. trim/mulch around fire pit
8. new camera for better pictures? mulch around fence? white squares missing from yard? more parties hosted in yard? less weeds by alley?
Can't wait to see if I can earn part of the 10 points and what I can cash those in for.

Leah said... @ March 28, 2010 at 4:52 PM

You guys have your own compost bin? What about a rain water barrel next? My mom's obsessed with hers.

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