We have returned to life blogging after a vacation to Paris. The trip was extended five days by the airport-bedeviling Eyjafjallajökull, so it is great to be back to our house, dog, and garden!
Stay tuned for photos and thoughts from our travels abroad…

~ Alex


Aside from growing mushrooms in the basement and squaring off our garden, we are welcoming in a slew of perennial fruits. Who knew that if you put something in the ground last year, it would pop right out again this year! I never cease to be surprised and pleased by the wealth of spring.



Last year’s garden was designed to be an obnoxiously sprawling, unplanned, unmanageable laboratory for learning the tricks of the trade, and the tricks of our land. We had a few successes, and a lot of failures.

This year, I pledged to plan out a more fruitful and manageable plot. As if by fate, I was drawn to Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening technique. And I must say, I’ve fallen in love.

We decided to transform a weedy spot of land next to our driveway into a well organized and somewhat attractive raised bed. At first, two little boxes don’t seem like much. But the 32 squares leave room for a lot of food!

The spinach, lettuces, peas, and radishes are already happily sprouting – they’ve grown so much in a short time! Stay tuned for more as the garden progresses!

~ Alex


We’re loving the beautiful,
warm spring as much as our plants are.
And also loved having the windows open for
spring’s first thunderstorm.
~ Alex


The other day we decided that Luna was mature enough (almost 2!) to be released from her cage while we are at work. We were wrong.

Turns out that Luna isn’t as left-leaning as we are when it comes to politics. When she mentioned joining a tea party, I imagined something a bit like this.

Instead, she apparently terrorized the mailman and managed to take out a chunk of our outgoing tax payment. I’m worried that she might be listening to Rush while we are out.

~ Alex



Isn’t she a beaut?

I know there are at least two of you who are interested in our undying quest to perfect our pizza-making skills. Well, we had a breakthrough this weekend after watching this insightful video on how to shape a pizza.

Suddenly the perfect crust we’ve been trying so hard to achieve has been realized. (Voights – you will be so impressed by our progress!)

What’s more, we have a new home-grown ingredient.


Yes, we grew our own mushrooms, thanks to a birthday present from my sister (thanks, sis!).

We may never have to venture out of the house again.



Blog 1[7]

Ahh…spring. Somehow these past few weeks have melted away all memories of winter. Instead of worrying about shoveling, we’re already mowing our lawn.

Blog 2
To celebrate the change of seasons, we had the Smileys over for a Greek Easter dinner. We were a bit sad that Eliza couldn’t make it, but were happy to make do with Lynne and Kirk.

Blog 3

Our meal had some good Greek standards, like avgolemono, a lemony soup, and vegetable pasticcio, a Greek-style lasagna.

Blog 4

The hands-down favorite, however, was this preparation of asparagus discovered from a random Google search. We definitely plan to make this one again!
How are you celebrating spring?