I used to be a Paris-snob snob.

Overrated, I thought. How could Paris be as great as all those people who LOVE Paris say it is?

I figured I’d never visit the city.

Until very recently, when Julia Child and some dear friends got me thinking that if they loved Paris, maybe it had some things to offer.

Like, possibly, the best museum in the world?

 The Louvre

Or amazing architecture?

 Notre Dame

Or beautiful parks?

 Place de Vosges

Or fine cafes?

 CafĂ© Delmas‎

We had an amazing time on our one-week-turned-two escapade in Paris, especially loving the history, food, architecture and people of this city we’ve come to know.

Now Paris isn’t just the city other people love.


Stay tuned for more! If you’re interested, see the full set of Paris pics.


kvoight said... @ May 3, 2010 at 11:44 AM

yeah! love the pics and glad you had a great time!

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