I went to Paris expecting the Louvre to be a highlight of the trip. It didn’t let me down.
In a city of museums, the Louvre stands out as a fantastic institution.

We made two trips, yet I feel like we only scratched the surface of the collections!
The museum had it all: art, history, art history, and historic art.

The building itself was magnificent. It was pieced together over centuries as the home of the French monarchy before being converted to a museum after the revolution. It was really a perfect exhibition space.

The Mona Lisa was mobbed dozens of camera wielding tourists, pressed up against a barrier. We were surprised by just how impressed we were with the most famous painting in the world .

It is a beautiful and mysterious – and we ended up passing by several times for “just one more look”.

The breadth of history that the Louvre engulfs is just amazing. How wonderful to be able to admire a Greek masterpiece – and then turn a corner and compare it to a beautiful renaissance Michelangelo mirroring the style and skill that he rediscovered. 

Despite the enormity of the museum, the Louvre was well curated and perfectly accessible. After leaving the museum on our second visit, we were able to just hang out in the courtyard and try to absorb all that we had just experienced.

Hopefully we’ll be able to go back sometime in the future!



I didn’t even mention the massive Egyptian and Mesopotamian collections. Nor the lavish Napoleon III apartments. I didn’t even speak of the giant French paintings. And I forgot to share about the great medieval moat. The huge reliefs from the Palace of Sargon II were amazing. Hammurabi’s code was fascinating. The pyramid entrance by I.M. Pei was beautiful. And the facade of the museum was beautiful as well. And just huge. Just sitting there in the middle of a bustling city, waiting to share it’s treasures with the world. I really liked the louvre, can you tell?


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