We love travelling, but it’s always good to be home. This weekend’s visit from my parents was a welcome contrast the bustle of a European vacation…as well as a good excuse to try out some recipes!

My parents graciously let us experiment on them, including with this farro and roasted vegetable salad.

We love this recipe, which is extremely tasty and very versatile! (You can easily substitute your own choices for the roasted veggies, grain, and cheese to customize it.)

Of course we made sure to include our old standby (with newly improved techniques).

And this recipe for tempeh reubens has become our new favorite sandwich (starring tempeh, the soy product you just must give a chance).

The rhubarb ginger crisp recipe found here also was a hit (and convinced me to buy the book).
We had a ball laughing at Luna’s hijinks and playing a fun new trivia game.

Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad!



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