There’s always wonderful looking fruit at our local food stand, and we’ve had fun this summer thinking of simple ways to use it. Here are two of our favorite desserts – both quick to prepare and the perfect way to end a summer meal!

Raspberries and Cream

Peach Brulee



Green bean, cherry tomato, and corn salad (recipe)

Even though we now have a separate blog dedicated to food, we still want to report on highlights from the kitchen!  So feel free to ignore this and future food posts if you already follow us on A Couple Cooks.

In the last several weeks, we’ve had some fun with food projects, like making two types of pickles. Pickles just may be my new favorite.

Easy garlic dill pickles (recipe)

Since our zucchini plant only had flowers (and no zucchini), we fried them up Italian-style.

Fried zucchini blossoms (recipe)

I’ve officially converted into a tomato lover, so we’ve been utilizing them to their fullest. (This pasta was to die for.)

Linguine with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs (recipe)

We tried our hand at veggie burgers, but had several flops. Though it looked good, we had to compromise taste and texture. We’ll keep trying!

Veggie burger

We’ve been enjoying the fruits of a productive basil plant, which is like gold in our household. Stay tuned for a refresh of an old favorite!

Pesto and roma tomato pizza (pesto recipe – pizza recipe to come!)



When I get a little free time, I enjoy bouncing around the city – just seeing what people are up to. Last weekend, I went from the somewhat lonely (like the roof of Fresh Market), to the somewhat mobby (like walking towards the stadium 30 minutes before kickoff), and back to the somewhat lonely (like downtown 30 minutes after kickoff). It’s always nice to get a little QT with the camera :)

Somehow, it’s football season again… Go Colts!

~ Alex

Rest of album here…


Last weekend we bumped into the lovely gentleman who sold us our house. We knew that he had bought and ‘flipped’ it after a couple had lived here for 50 years. After we asked a few questions about the history of the house, he offered up a few ‘before’ pictures from when he acquired the house.

We always knew that he did a great job with the updates, but the pictures really speak for themselves.

We really appreciate the fact that he refreshed an old house and didn’t just make some easy ‘surface’ fixes. Instead he paid attention to the details and did a great job maintaining the character of the house! The only problem we’ve found is that he didn’t fit larger closets into our 1925 bungalow…

~ Alex


Growing up, my dog was never allowed on the bed. Looks like I’m a push-over :)



We’ve been toying with the idea of a dedicated food blog for a while. We love sharing what we’re doing in the kitchen, but we wanted a separate space to do it.

So, we decided to take the plunge. We present A Couple Cooks, our new blog for the recipes that we like to share. If you’re interested in following us, please add www.acouplecooks.com to your blogroll, favorites, or feed reader.

We’ll plan to periodically update this blog with our favorite food posts from A Couple Cooks, as well as provide a permanent link on the sidebar.

We’re excited about our new endeavor and hope you’ll enjoy it along with us!