Yes. Fall Weekend 2010. A little bit later than usual, because we had to wait for someone to get home from their honeymoon… The sixth annual trip of our small group from church headed to the great Indiana farmland (aka my Mom’s house) for food, fun, field trips, and apparently – guns. Guns were new to most of us city boys, and it was fun to learn about how to (safely) use them.

In addition to shooting clay pigeons, we were the lucky recipients of a tour of a grain elevator. My awesome uncle Ron led us through the process of receiving and storing corn and grain from farmers. He patiently answered all our many questions. It was quite the fascinating tour, turns out that our food comes from farmers – who knew?!

And, as usual, we ended the night with a sing-along. Admit it – you love singing bad pop songs from the nineties…


Kelly said... @ December 13, 2010 at 5:14 PM

Sonja, is that sweater from Target? I think i have the green version :)

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